Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Ethan's Birth Story

Ethan Nico was born at 37 weeks on January 25, 2005 at 8:51 PM

Weighing 5 lbs 9 oz, 18" inches long, 13" head

This is a c/p of the letter style story I wrote for Ethan while I was in the hospital with him :)

Dear Ethan,

This is about the day you were born. The night before I was up until 3 am! I stayed up late to get a shower. I somehow knew that you were on your way.

The next morning I spent my time cleaning the car and installing your car seat. Everyone said to slow down, you weren't due for another three weeks. I didn't listen. I had to get this all done! I finished early in the afternoon. I spent the afternoon talking to your grandmother, who was in the hospital for falling down the steps at her house (she's okay!). The last time we talked was around 6 pm. Your uncle Caleb and grandpa Greg were there visiting and asked if I'd like to go have dinner with them. I said yes.

I ordered a small steak and a baked potato. Boy, it was good :) I finished my meal and soon after felt a huge "POP". It was the strangest feeling. I didn't think much of it until I stood to go to the restroom. I felt a gush. OH MY GOSH! My water had broke. I ran to the bathroom, unsure of what to do and called your grandmother. She confirmed that yes, my water had broke and just to take my time because the hospital would have there for hours before you would be really ready to come.

A woman in the restroom seamed concerned and I let her know that my water had broke. She said "Congratulations", and I was out the door. I tied my jacket around my waits and walked to the table. As I walked by I said to Pappa and Caleb that my water had just broke. I didn't even stop, I just kept walking to the car. You should have seen their faces!

We we got in the car I called your Daddy and said that my water had broke. We all went to the hospital. On the way I begged to get my suitcase, but everyone said "NO". Probably a good thing, I was having very painful and strong contractions.

We got to the hospital and I tried to walk in. I needed a wheelchair. We were taken upstairs almost immediately and I was put into a bed. When we got there you grandma was coming over from her wing, and by some crazy chance your great aunt Jeri was there visiting her, so she came too! So many people there and able to share your first moments of life! :)

The nurse cam in and checked to see how far I was dilated. I was a whopping 6 cm. She told me that I was lucky because they can't give meds after 8 cm. She gave me an IV of fluids and checked me again. I was 8 cm!!! I cried, I was in pain, but that's okay :) You were on your way. The next thing I know I was losing more fluids and I was able to lay down. I have a few pushed for the nurse and finally the doctor made it and I gave a few more for him. I was about at the end of a set of pushed when the doctor told me to try for a couple more. I did, and there you were. It was this great pressure, and then the release of it. The doctor picked you up and laid you on my chest.

You were so amazing. I looked at you and your father. I couldn't believe how perfect you were. There you were. Ten toes, ten fingers, perfect in every way. It's a moment in time that I will never forget. All the world fell away and nothing else mattered. After the nurses left I was able to get up and look at you and I grabbed my camera and took some photos. You were so beautiful! Soon we were off to our new room.

We spent so much time just oohing and ahhing over you. It was so late and I needed some rest, but I just couldn't' sleep. I just held you most of the night and looked after you while you slept. I wasn't a bit tired. I stayed up until about 3 that morning and woke around 5 and put some make-up on. I can't believe it. I'm your Mommy. You. In all of your perfection.

I remember looking into those big beautiful eyes of yours and just crying. Crying because you were so beautiful and I knew that those amazing eyes would be the same amazing eyes that I would look into every day for the rest of my life.

I love you so much.

Always and Forever,

Your Mommy!!!


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