Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Nursery Decorating

So, we will have a baby girl on the way soon. We decided that she will share a room with her sister :)

Great, lovely, and exciting.

However! The room is just 11.5 x 9.5! Thankfully, Trevor built a closet for it about a month ago, so that will help :)

We just got the crib and put it together. Thank you Mom!

I can't buy another of the crib set that we used for Lily, so I had to improvise :)

I bought two matching pink sheets (her set has pink) and I took apart her crib skirt and turned it into two. I also have a bumper, but not sure that I'll use it. We'll see. Lily doesn't use the quilt, so it's just for decoration really, at least for now.

It has a ways to go, but this is our start :) I need to make a mobile for baby and do a little more wall painting to even things out. When baby girl gets here, we'll add her pictures to the frame :)

Welcome to Lily's room :) We'll be making another one of these for the new baby, once we name her :) Probably after she arrives, lol.
Tree with flowers and butterflies (Lily loves butterflies.)
Changing table & Lily's crib and butterfly mobile. This is actually the new crib that we got for baby, BUT we decided that the one that we had would be better for baby since both of our other babies had used it :) We thought it would make it more special :)
The two cribs, dresser and photo frame with newborn photos of Lily. I'll alternate every other one with pics of baby girl after she arrives :)

Baby will get a mobile and maybe some paintings to balance things out :)
Baby's crib (the one both babies before her have used). She also gets a window view. I considered letting Lily have it, but Ethan had a window view when he was little and tore up the blinds :|

The closet that Trevor added :)

Lily's Side :) You can see her tutu peeking out up top there :)
Baby's Side... she has a few new outfits and luckily tons from her sister :) NB stuff up top, Preemie on bottom :)

And here is the bottom shelf w/ baskets. Lily is looking through her shoes here :) She *loves* shoes.


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