Friday, May 8, 2009

Baby Dreams

So I keep having these dreams about Baby.

I don't remember the first one that well, I think it was pretty simple, but I did have a boy.

I had another. A boy again, but this time he was born at just 34 weeks (not great, but one better than Lily!)

Last night I had another. I had twins! A boy and a girl. I was so happy. Until I woke up this morning. It makes me miss the one that could have been. Lily's other half. Even remembering my dream puts a smile on my face. That's how happy I was in my dream. I delivered the boy first and then the other needed a helping hand. I was prepared for the worst and out comes a beautiful crying baby girl. I held them both. One on each arm. I remember being so excited because we didn't know what the gender was. *sigh* Maybe someday right? Or perhaps the one on the way is here so soon because it knew it was needed and wanted.

We did get pregnant on the first try after all. Still can't believe that one!

:) I can't wait until next Thursday. We get to find out what we're having. What I'm carrying. Who this little person might be :)


Oh and I had another shot yesterday. HB was 162 :) Go baby go!


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