Saturday, April 4, 2009

Complaining just to get it out.

So we're pregnant. I've just hit the 2nd tri and over the last week my tummy has bumped and nothing fits. My pants are tight at the zipper. It's uncomfortable. I have a couple larger pairs, so I put them on. They just want to fall down. There's nothing like that "gotta continually pull my freaking pants up" feeling. I'm trying the rubber band trick. Yea. Super comfy to try to sit with your zipper open and a hair band holding the button and hole. Not to mention they make shirts so dang short wasted, that I only have a couple that BARELY cover up the area. If I go out in public, God forbid, I have to be careful to keep covered up. My maternity pants from the last two are still too big and look ridiculous on.

Of course my husband thinks it's no big deal. "Why don't you just wear a jacket to cover it up?" he innocently says. While the thought of looking like a freaking hobo in public sends me into an emotional tailspin of frustration and tears. Not to mention the thought that the crappy jacket I own would look better than how I am dressed, oy! I know he means well and that he's a man and simple can't understand. Hell, I don't fully understand. I just know that I feel like I look like total crap and I just LOVE not having anything that fits properly. And I just love that I have no other choice but to head out into public and pray that I can be invisible just long enough to gather what I need and get home.

I know this all seems silly and trivial. That's why I'm posting it here. I see no need to bother anyone with this senseless drivel. I just needed to get some frustration out.

Thanks for being here blog.


Leslie on April 5, 2009 at 12:14 AM said...

Oh man. That sucks. I totally had to do the rubber band trick for a few weeks while I was teaching. I have a long torso so every shirt is too short. I think every shirt I wore during that time is abnormally stretched to keep my pants from showing. Good luck!! Hopefully you'll be able to move to you maternity pants soon!

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