Thursday, April 23, 2009

16 weeks and counting

So I had my appointment today. The baby sounds great. Heartbeat was 148. I had my first shot. It wasn't as bad as I'd expected, though I did get a burning sensation about an hour later and that was not comfortable at all. Think, hot match head on skin. Ouch! Thankfully it hasn't lasted long. Though I'm only a few ours out, so we'll see :)

I also had blood work today, which I didn't know about, so that was fun. :|

I have an ultrasound in 3 weeks on May 14th :) So that's really exciting and I asked the doctor about the possibility of having my cervical length checked at ultrasounds, since we don't know why I went into labor so early last time, and he added it to my chart. That makes me feel a ton better to know that they'll be on the lookout for another possible sign :)

Anyhow. Good appointment :)


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