Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My Stash :)

I've been buying up diapers in need of repair and here's what I've ended up with :)

This is my set up :)

1 Dozen GMD bleached brown edge PFs & 4 Thirsties Covers (Not all are pictured).

Top: Fitted, 2 Pocket Fitteds
Middle: Starbunz given to me by a SUPER sweet mama, OS Pocket Fitted
Bottom: 3 Fitteds
Everything but the Starbunz was made by me :)

Here are my beloved OS BGs :)
6 White, 2 Yellow with Snaps, 1 Pink with Snaps, 1 Green
Everything but the whites are fixer uppers.

Last, but not least are my BG AIOs. These are all large.
6 Pink with Snaps, 2 Pink, 1 White with Snaps :)
All of these are fixer uppers :)


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