Sunday, December 21, 2008

Deer Hunting

So, I went hunting with Trevor yesterday. We saw so many deer. It was truly a blessed day for it. On the way over to the hunting property, I told him that I felt it. I said, "Mark my words. We're coming home with a deer today."

We pulled up the property and there were 3 does watching us. It was so cute! They kind of peaked at us and one took a few steps toward us. She was bobbing her head a little and just kind of checking us out. To the left of them were a few little bucks in the neighbor's yard. They're know that they are safe there and so they were very close to us. It was very cool. Out back of the house you could see another buck with a small rack, but his body was very nice. Very nice deer. Anyhow, as we looked around, a large field off and to our right there were 3 or 4 does. We weren't going there direction and so as we walked down the field, they seemed curious and didn't seem bothered until my husband realized that he'd forgotten his stool and had to walk back to the truck. Evidently they thought some trickery was going on and casually made their way out of the field and through the woods.

Fast forward to our blind. We'd been sitting all of maybe 30 minutes when two does come down off of a hill, through the woods and into the field ahead of us. I'm new at hunting, so the gun we brought doesn't shoot all that far. I wouldn't take a shot over 100 yds. So these two does were slightly out of range. Maybe 150 yards. Anyhow. They make their way down into the field, but keep going to our left and keeping just out of range. The smaller of the two evidently saw a buddy because she looked up and took off running to this other deer that we could only barely see movement from in the woods far out and to our left. It was like an old friend she hadn't seen in a while. It was neat to watch. A few hours went by, these does so far down and out of range when Trevor noticed a slew of them right behind us! There were seven deer I think. 2 does, a small buck and the rest were yearlings. The little buck had a fairly nice rack, but you could tell that he was very young by his body. He'll be something if he makes it through a few seasons :) He's off to a great start. Anyhow, they were moving through too quickly and there was no shot that seemed secure enough. They passed and walked down the creek away from us, and towards where we park.

Not long after, we look down the field and the 3 does that have been out of range for so long were spooked by something. We'll never know, but they took off, tails flying. Back behind us again three bucks popped out. Out of range, but fun to watch. There was a spike, a 4 or 6 point that had lost half of his rack, so now only had 2 or 3 points and a fairly nice 6 or 8 point. They rummaged around down field for a bit and then were gone.

We waited for a little while and suddenly found ourselves with two pretty does right in front of us. They came down this road that we had hoped deer would funnel down though. The larger doe came down though the field right at us. Slowly eating and stepping closer and closer. She was so beautiful and it was so amazing watching the two of them. I thanked God and after about 10 minutes, Trevor had a perfect shot. He asked if I was ready and if I could see her. More on this in a moment. Anyhow, I said yes and waited. A shot rang out and she dropped there where she stood. It was perfect. She went quickly and I felt so thankful. I kissed my husband and told him how proud of him I was and we waited, gathered our things and then stepped out to see her. We had to wave off another doe who had come into the field. I didn't want her coming up on the doe we had shot.

Quickly, a side note. I have a hunting permit, but I've never been present when a deer has been harvested and really wanted to see it in real life before doing it myself. I'm glad I did, because it was not what I expected :)

Back to the doe! We came up on her and she was perfect. I asked if I could touch her and kind of knelt down and rubbed her side. It felt so right and natural. In that moment, I was thankful for the experience with my husband, the meat that would be going into our freezer, the life of that deer, to God for placing us there on that day. It was just an amazing experience.

And here she is :)

Special Mention :) Our son pulled her up on the chain hoist all by himself. Trevor said that he would not let him help :) lol


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